SAFARI - Fountain Pen - Medium - Blue


The LAMY Safari Medium Nib Fountain Pen is a worldwide bestseller – and for good reason! 





QUANTITY: 1 x fountain pen
NIB: Medium
INK: Blue
REFILLING MECHANISM: LAMY T10 giant ink cartridge or a Z24 LAMY converter for use with bottled ink
LENGTH: 13.8cm
MATERIALS: ABS plastic, stainless steel, chrome clip
SOURCE: Made in Germany. Wolfgang Fabian. 



The LAMY Safari Fine Nib Fountain Pen is a worldwide bestseller – and for good reason! It is a pristine example of master craftsmanship and functional design.
Originally designed for young writers and designers, the LAMY Safari uses a bright and simple colour scheme. Its sturdy construction and sleek styling will appeal to lovers of good design.
Made from ABS plastic and fitted with a flexible chrome clip, the LAMY Safari is virtually impossible to break. The ergonomic molded grip means it sits comfortably and easily in the hand – it was designed for long hours of student note taking!
Suits LAMY T10 Giant Ink Cartridge and LAMY Z24 Ink Converter. 


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